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Have you ever dreamed of being a wealthy tycoon?! Having all the property and land you could ever want! And this isn't just any kind of no man's desert land.... It's prime and filled with massive oil reserves. Imagine the oil you could drill for, pipelines you could build, ruff necks you could fire and consultants you could tell off! Once your kingdom was established, imagine the cash that would come rolling in and the wealth you would accumulate!

Whatever your dream was - you could make come true if you could just get your hands on some of that land!

All this and more will come true as you battle it out with friends and family in the game of CRUDE ATTITUDE. We got the crude (oil - that is!) and you better have the tyrant tycoon ATTITUDE if you want to win!

Testmonials and Videos!

Awesome game my family loves to play it! C. Wood

Much more fun then working the rigs. R. Durron

I want your all of your LAND now! Scott the landman

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